The Parliament of World’s Religions commenced on 15th October with a beautiful procession. Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairman of the Parliament’s board of trustees, appreciated the conference which has seen about 8,000 registrations.
Jain spiritual leader Acharya Lokesh Muni was appreciated for his appeal for nonviolence and freedom of choice.  “Ahimsa or non-violence is the need of present world when humanity is facing the problems of war, violence and terrorism,” he said in his address at the inaugural session of the Parliament.
He advised the audience that it is important that everybody is allowed to follow their beliefs without any fear. He stated, “As preached by Bhagwan Mahavir we have to practice nonviolence in our everyday life. We all respect our own philosophies and beliefs but we should give equal importance and respect to what others believe in.”
Another initiative that received appreciation of all was langar organised at the Parliament of World’s Religions for all the participants. They would be serving an elaborate meal on all the five days of the parliament.
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