1. Tune In Some Upbeat Music

Doing your task alone in silence can further the dullness and welcome in the much dreaded sleepiness. So it’s time to put in your headphones and listen to some peppy numbers! Remember to check in with your supervisor or boss for permission, if needed.

2. Eat A Light Lunch

We’ve all been there, having to attend afternoon classes at school and college after a heavy lunch with sleepy eyes and minds. So nothing changes at work also. Eat a light lunch to keep your energy up. Satisfy your stomach instead of stuffing it. 

3. Keep Your Workspace Bright

If you have windows in your workspace, open them to let some natural light in. Sunlight can increase alertness and energy. Otherwise put some extra yellow or fluorescent lights at your work desk. 

4. Splash Some Cold Water

Instead of your parents throwing a bucket of cold water to wake you up for school, you have to do it for yourself at work. Even consider stepping outside if its breezy while your face is still wet. This will increase your alertness.

5. Get Up From Your Desk

Sitting just makes it worse. Get up and walk around the office! If you cannot, then fidget with your legs and hands. Maybe even get a manual massager.