Nandita Kochar
Here we go!

  1. Create A Ritual That Serves As A Transition Between Work & Home

This ritual serves as a signal for you to consciously realise that you’ve come home and it’s time to keep the baggage of work aside. For some people, this ritual could mean washing hands or changing into a comfortable pair of pajamas. For others, it could just mean having a cup of evening tea. Try a few different rituals to see which one does the job for you. 

  1. Practice Deep Breathing On Your Way Back Home

While commuting back home, do at least 3 sets (of ten each) of deep breaths. This will help slow down your train of thoughts and relax you before you enter your home.
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  1. Vent Out To A Friend

Sit down with a friend and discuss the struggles you currently face and the struggles you’ve managed to overcome at work. This will make you feel heard and release any emotional built up inside. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

  1. Exercise

Put your body into motion by doing a few simple exercises. This will not only help your digestion and circulation but will also release endorphins that will change your mood for the better.

  1. Use Visualization Techniques

Before you ring that doorbell, visualize yourself keeping the baggage of your work outside this door. Or imagine that you are a dirty slate that has been cleaned. Or a pair of socks that has been washed. 

  1. Netflix & Chill

Yes, you can Netflix & Chill but please do this in moderation. Avoid watching content on work related stuff.

  1. Let Yourself Cry

Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t find yourself talking to anyone? Bubbling up on the inside? Please let a tear or two (or more) roll down that cheek of yours! Release the pent up energy.
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  1. Treat Yourself Once In A Week

Pamper thyself! This could mean a spa day or a trip to an amusement park or a simple stroll down your favourite park. You don’t have to earn it, you need it!

  1. Sleep!

Build a sleep schedule so that your body and mind can get adequate rest. Depriving yourself of the ZzZs will only make it worse for you!

  1. Meditate

Don’t run towards the past or away from the future, just sit here in the present. And regular meditation lets you do just that!