I get up in the morning and head towards my kitchen to prepare my first cup of tea. Before I do that I open the blinds of all the rooms of my house to let the morning rays enter my little world and soak it in hope and joy. My dog is at my heals all this time. In fact he is my constant companion. These are my first happy moments of the day.
My tea is consistent. I dip the tea bag exectly for three minutes in the boiling water, a spoonful of milk and here I am with my cup filled of elixir to kickstart my day. And now come the trigers that can either make my day or ruin it from the scratch. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
These triggers can be anything.
I might have my tea in peace reading a book or browsing through my Ipad. Checking facebook and reading news on my phone.
There is ample possibility of anything or any event that I might come across which can ruin my mood and set me on a roller coaster ride to a day that is undesirable.
Or something else may happen within the physical parameters of my house. There might be a morning my dog is annoyed by the barking of another dog passing by. And my dog’s constant barking can ruin my mood. And this spoiled mood might triger a series of unhappy moments for me.
I get up a happy person and then suddenly a small singular event can put me on the path to a bad day. That can further turn into a worse day. As it may turn out that for some reason I am not in a good mood , as a result I might utter a foul word or I might even cause bitterness by my careless speech or actions towards anyone in the family or staff, whoever happens to be in the vicinity.
And the chain of unhappy events might break out. One thing leads to another and I might end feeling unhappy generally about the whole of my life.
Interstingly I see the triggers that are making me unhappy are many and they are all in future. If the dog is barking let him bark and I remain in present glued to my cup of tea reading the news. But no, The dog barks and I associate myself with his barking which is annoying.
The funny side of this is that the reason for dog to bark and the reason for me to be annoyed are outside my house and myself. So for something which is completely unrelated to me has the potential to make me unhappy.
So the reason for being happy is inside my house and in me. The awareness of this fact makes the difference. The more I witness the things with awareness, the more I shall be centred to myself, to my point of happiness and Joy. The morning freshness which made me happy can continue with me the whole day. I shall sing and dance with it and celebrate the work I do.