Don’t Blame, Be responsible, Be happy.

Blame is a huge cause of unhappiness. We do not take responsibility for our anger, anxiety, and frustrations. We look for someone to blame and do not loose any opportunity to be angry and frustrated.

After having practiced patience for several years a friend of mine thought of taking my test one day. He saw me wearing a new bright shirt and to test my patience he came and joyfully split the coffee on it. Without wasting a moment I gave him an angry look and said was that supposed to be funny? In that moment of anger my practive of serval years of patience was destroyed. I went back to my room and thought perhaps the best way was to tell him that the shirt was a gift from a friend and was dear to me. Often such triggers are to create the blame on other than to take responsibility on oneself. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

It is tempting to pass the blame on the other. We see this happening day in and out. A normal conversation today is about blaming the other. this other could be your wife, husband , teacher, student, friend, neighbour, government or country. People on the street are like an alive bomb of anger and frustrations ready to blast with slightest provocation thus Blame has attained catastrophic proportions in some nations.

When we learn to become responsible of our own actions we underestimate the consequence of our words, action and thoughts. They are also going to bring the same effects as much as that of others bring to us. So it is time to take a pause and look what is going on. the moment we blame other our energy flow towards the other.  To drop the blame we should take the responsibility of it. Blame is a cribbing quality of the mind. Because mind thrives in deception, it is right all the time.