Osho says,Hell and Heaven are within you. “When you are behaving unconciously, there is a gate of hell. When you become alert and concious there is a gate of heaven.”

The world is there because of you – you create it, you are the creator. Every single being creates a world around himself, it depends on his mind. The mind may be illusory, but it is creative – it creates dreams. and it is up to you to create a hell or heaven.
If you leave this world, you will not be able to leave it. Where ever you go you will create the same world again because the world is constantly coming out of you, just as leaves are coming out of the tree.

You don’t live in the same world – you cannot, because you don’t have similar minds. Just by the side of you somebody may be living in heaven, and you may be living in hell – and You feel that you are living in the same world? How can you live in the same world when minds differ?
So that first thing has to be understood is that you cannot leave the world unless the mind disappear. They are related, they depend on each other, they make a vicious circle. If the mind is there…….  and a mind is always a particular mind. When the mind is not a particular mind any more, when it becomes a mind with capital M, it is no longer mind,  it has become consciousness. A mind is always a particular mind and it carries a particular aroma around it – that is your world.

The mind creates the world and then the world creates the mind, helps the mind to remain the same. This is the vicious circle. But the source is in the mind; the world is just a bye produce. the mind is substantial; the world is just the shadow of it. And you cannot destroy the shadow, but everybody tries to destroy it.
If this wife doesn’t suit you, you think another wife will. You are trying to change the world, and you are the same. You will just turn the next wife into an exact replica of the old. You will again create, because the wire will be just a screen.
And you will be surprised ; people who have married many times , their experience is really strange. A persons who has been married 10 times recognises the fact that, ” How does it happen? – In such a wide and big world I always stumble upon the same type of women? Even by accident it seems impossible! again and again!”

The problem is not the women, the problem is the mind. The mind is again attracted to the same type of woman, again creates the same relationship, again finds the same mess and the same hell.
And the same happens in everything you do.  Do you think you will live happily in a place? You are wrong. Who is going to live in the palace? You will live there. If you are not happy in your hut, you will not be happy in your palace. Who will live in the palace? Palaces don’t exists outside you.
If you can live happily in a hut, you can live happily in a palace, because you create the world around you. Otherwise, as the hut pinches you the palace will pinch – even more so because it is a bigger thing. It will be a hell, just the same – more decorated, but a decorated hell is not a heaven. And if you are forcibly thrown into heaven you will try to find an exit, or you will create your hell there.

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