Physicists believe they have discovered a particle that is its own anti-particle, an idea that was first theorised 80 years ago. When the Big Bang created the universe out of nothing, scientists believe the explosion created equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. And, if they were ever to meet, they would annihilate each other, releasing a burst of energy. However, in 1937 an Italian theoretical physicist, Ettore Majorana, predicted that in the class of particles known as fermions, which includes the proton, neutron, electron, neutrino and quark, there should be particles that are their own anti-particles. Now, in an article in the prestigious journal `Science’, researchers report they have found the first evidence of just such an object, which they have dubbed the “Angel Particle“ after Dan Brown’s thriller `Angels and Demons’ which involves a bomb made from a combination of matter and anti-matter. Although the search for the famous fermion seems more intellectual than practical, Standford University’s Shoucheng Zhang, one of the senior authors of the research paper, said it could have real-life implications for building robust quantum computers. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Science continuously tends to get confused with the mystery of matter and anti matter. The creation of universe is in the thought of singularity when you stop looking matter, consciousness and awareness as separately. Matter, becomes consciousness and consciousness into awareness, this one big bang. The universe is in Is-ness. That is Total and complete. It is the nothingness of fullness and fullness of nothingness. That is, is and is, not. The whole of the universe is a creation of nothingness and still filled with complete fullness. The indian monks have explored the creation of existence, thousands of years ago, and predicted the element of nothingness in creation of universe.
Nothingness is Total. The total remains total even if you add anything to it. And total remain total even you take out anything from it and the residue of it remain total.  We come from nothingness and we go back in nothingness.
We are part of the whole and we are the whole. So we exist in the singularity of matter, consciousness and awareness. Science has always approached this with duality of matter and anti matter. It is obvious, that we miss the point so too often. Because we continuously live in the illusion which is self created as we see ourselves out and away from totality.  The moment we see the self and awareness separately we create the illusion.