By Shuddhanandaa Brahamchari
Last week I wrote about listening body. This week I give you another dimension is to listen to our minds. As long as we listen to the conversations of our mind we are restless. But our practice of contemplation and meditation gradually takes us into the state of awareness of our inner conversation, our self-talk. We begin to realize that the whole universe listens to our self-talk. The more we trust that the universe listens to us the more we can change our inner conversations and start believing that we can make ourselves happy and live our own higher goals. Let our self-talk be one of acceptance and affirmation of the reality that the universe listens, understands and loves us as we are! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Listening to the Whispers of our Spirit
The day we stop being dictated to by our chattering mind, and start listening to the whispers of our spirit, we transcend the world of misery and are in perennial bliss. As we start to listen to our spirit we have flashes of insight. These flashes have much potential to transform us. But they are just seeds that need to sprout and be nourished through deep contemplation and meditation. Without our time and attention, the importance of these flashes will sift to the bottom of our consciousness in the flood of our day-to-day lives. Therefore we need to chew on them, so they can be fully digested, completely assimilated. Then and only then can they be truly understood and practiced.
Becoming a Better Listener to Others
It is only after we have listened to our bodies, calmed the chatter in our minds and opened the channel to universal wisdom and love that we can begin to listen to others with true understanding. Most relationships suffer due to impatient communication that comes from lack of mindful listening. The worst symptom is there is no one we can trust who can listen to us non-judgmentally. This is the real threat.
The more alert and wakeful we are to what the other is really saying, and what we think and say in return, the better for us. Like an arrow leaving the bow can’t be taken back, so also words spoken can’t be taken back. We must first listen and then speak from our heart and soul, for judgments come from the mind, love and compassion flow from the heart and empathy from the spirit. Relax, chill, and allow the mind to pause, and then listen to the silence of the spirit within. Then true understanding happens within and without!