Energy is understanding, they are not two things. What kind of energy is understanding? When the energy is unoccupied it becomes understanding. When energy is occupied it remains ignorance, it remains unconsciousness.
For example,  your sex energy is occupied with a woman or with a man it will remain ignorance because the energy is focussed on the object; it is going outward, it is extroverted. IF the energy is freed from the object, where will it go? It will start falling into the subject, into your inner source. Any energy falling back into the source becomes understanding, becomes awareness. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
And I am not saying be against sex, no. But let sex be more a subjective phenomenon than objective phenomenon. And that is the difference between sex and love. Love is subjective, sex is objective.
You became interested in a woman or in a man as an object, and sooner or later the interest will be finished because once you have explored the object, nothing is left. Then you are ready to move to somebody else. Yes, the woman looks beautiful, but how long can she look beautiful? an object is an object. She is not yet a person to you, she is just a beautiful object. IT is insulting. You are reducing a soul into an object, a subjectivity into an object. You are trying to exploit. You are turning her into a means. Your energy will remain ignorant. And you will go on moving from one woman to another, and your energy will go on running into circles. It will never come back.
Love means you are not interested in the man or a woman as the object in-fact, you are not there to exploit the other, you are not there to get something from the other. On the contrary you are so full of energy you will like to give some energy to the person. Love gives. Sex only wants to get.
And when love gives, it remains subjective, it remains rooted in one self. Lovers help each other to be more and more themselves. Lovers help each other to become authentically individual. Lovers help each other to be centered. Love is respect, reverence, worship. It is not exploitation. Love is understanding. Because energy is occupied with the object. It remains free, untethered to an anything. And that brings the transformation. It accumulates inside you.
And remember: just as it happens in the world of physics so it happens in the world of meta physics. After a certain a quantity of energy, a qualitative change happens. The qualitative change is nothing but the outcome of the quantitative change.