We are way ahead into twenty first century and thanks to the wide reach of internet and aggressive marketing Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world. Essentially the festival of love.
As many among us are caught in the whirlwind of sending and receiving gifts, have we ever stepped back to understand what exactly do we mean when we claim to love someone?
Or do we love our friends with the same intensity that we claim to love our lovers with?
Actually love is basically the logical culmination of any friendship. We make friends as we move ahead in life, many of these remain acquaintances, only some develop into friendships and few manifest into love. These relationships stay with us throughout our lives. We may be separated by miles but the warmth for these relationships stay in our hearts at all times.
We need to understand this love as the love is and not just the chemical attraction between opposite sexes. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Love as they say is the fundamental constituent of our universe.
When we are happy we are in love. In other words we can say that when we are in love we are happy. Love makes us whole. Love is not an emotion that is confined to one particular situation or relation. Love is that emotion which makes us see ourselves in others. We tend to love those things or qualities endearing in others, which either we possess or we wish to possess.
Essentially speaking, we love ourselves. And here lies the fine dividing line. When we are in tune with ourselves, when we are happy being ourselves, when we are in love with ourselves; then we are in that perfect situation where we are capable of loving others around us, the family and friends alike.
The relationships that give our lives the meaning, the reason to live our lives the way we live, unless we have people in our lives that we love and are loved back; we find our lives meaningless.
The moment we feel lonely, we begin to ask about the meaning of life.
And here lies the paradox of life.
When we are in love we throw away the reason to live. We do not think about the meaning of life. We simply bask in the sunshine called love. We do not need anymore reason to live. We do not strive to find any reason to live. That  meaningless reason less life becomes blissful.
So this is  love. The reason free meaning free existence that fills ourselves with love for everyone and everything around us. The passion to live life the way it has been handed over to all of us. The life that emerges out of love between two individuals, the by- product of love and the culmination of love into life that is full of love for the world around.
Hence we celebrate the festival of love.
Happy loving to all of us.