How do you welcome a New Year? Is there anything new about the year other than that we lost one year of our life and became a year older? This is true but a depressing way of looking at the arrival of a New Year. This is not the way one should live one’s life. To really welcome the arrival of New Year, one has to learn the art of living each moment of one’s life with a freshness. And in Osho’s view “squeezing the juice of life from each moment.”

Life does not come in days, weeks, months or years. It actually comes to us each moment. Thus, each moment has to be welcomed fully as it comes. Only then we’ll be really capable of celebrating New Year. This is a right approach to all of our celebrations. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Celebration should be a way of life and should not be postponed to certain dates of the calendar, though it is also equally meaningful to celebrate birthdays of those whom we love and adore, such as our relatives and friends, enlightened mystics, masters, sadgurus and sages. What is really important is to celebrate and dispel darkness and dullness from our life. Celebrations transform our life of routine and boredom into rejuvenation and rejoicing. Life is not life if we are not really alive and throbbing. Celebration is a pulsation of life.

The tragedy is that except human beings the whole of creation is always celebrating. Nature celebrates without any purpose or reason. In spite of all the ravages that mankind has been unleashing on nature, it continues to produce more foliage and flowers, and keeps sharing with all. Nature is not miserly, that’s why it has abundance to share.

OSHO says: “Nature is a spendthrift. Where one flower is needed it produces millions. One tree will produce… Look at the Gulmohar, millions of seeds are ready. They will all fall down and a few may become trees. Why so many seeds? God is not a miser. If you ask for one he gives millions. Just ask! Jesus has said, ‘Knock and the doors shall be opened unto you, ask and it shall be given.’ Remember, if you ask for one, millions will be given.

Man is miserly, and his miserliness is his real misery. Miserly people are incapable of trusting life and that’s why life does not open its treasures to them.

Ishwar is one of the names of God, whatever comes from God is called Aishwarya. God gives in abundance and this abundance can be shared with one all. The more we share the more we feel natural and godly.