We create the dis-eases in the mind through our faulty vision of life. It is easier to get our eyes treated and come closer to perfect vision, but it takes our deepest effort and continual mindful living to set the inner eye right. As the year ‘20 dawns let us resolve to try to have better Inner Vision to see good, see right, and spread peace!

The beginning of a new year and a new decade is a perfect time to resolve to find your inner Spirit in the shrine of your own heart and feel the world as the very extension of your divine essence. Instead of feeding your false self with your worldly achievements and trying to prove your superiority over others, use the new clarity of inner vision to choose instead to embrace your non-judgmental witnessing soul. As you scan through the pages of history you see human excellence not as a wielder of muscle power but the power of Spirit, power of love, power of spreading peace on earth. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

These simple practical resolutions can help you achieve a truly mindful, meditative, soulful state. Even though you may make the same mistakes as in the past this year resolve that instead of self-criticisms adopt the path of taking deeper breaths, keeping calm and being mindful of doing the little chores of daily life consciously. When something stressful happens try not to feel agitated. Stressful things occur for you need to learn ‘things can be done better.’ Once you learn, they will not occur again. You grow. You are here to grow, not to age!

Even for 15 minutes, resolve you will not get involved with multitasking by default. You will do one act at a time and put your whole attention to it so that you live it, soak in its beauty and awareness. If you are breathing, then only breathe, even for a few seconds let your soul breathe. If you are in your routine chore, become aware and enjoy it. This is art of soulfulness.

Resolve to accept things first as they come during the day and not as you expect them. Stay firm on the conviction that as a soul you are ever happy and peaceful. Whatever comes on your way during the course of the day stay put with the thoughts of the gifts you have and say “I am a happy spirit. All is well. God loves me as I am and I am ever protected. I am loved”.

Resolve this year to live in the moment, for the awareness of the moment unveils the mystery of our inner Spirit and tells us we are here to live our own life in harmony with others so that together we can build the vibrations of peace and harmony. Our pristine soul within sees god in everything for everything in its place is the creation of God. Soul vision is God vision. When we see through our mind we see good and bad, sinner and saint, rich and poor, but in meditative calmness our soul-vision opens up and we love everything without judgment. We humans are born to live a soulful life of equanimity and peace. Evoke peace within and gift it to the world as your peace offering for ‘20!