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Have We Introduced You To The Ever So Charming Sw. Chaitanya Keerti?

Mentor & Guide at Happy Ho, Chaitanya Keerti’s smiling face and enchanting voice have a soothing effect, and compel one to hear his every precious word! The outcome, of course, is even more impactful. His initiation in Osho way of life itself is interesting and aspiring. It was in 1970, that Osho started initiating aspirants […]

What Makes Tantric Sex So Fascinating?

On the world stage of spirituality, the two words that have become really catchy, besides Yoga, Tantra and Mindfulness. And Tantra comes on the top. For many decades, it has remained very saleable, because of one reason–its association with sex. Originating in the realm of Hinduism & Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra is an ancient path of […]

‘Man’s Search For Meaning’

In 1945, within months of his liberation from a concentration camp in Nazi Germany, Viktor Frankl (who was earlier a psychologist practicing in Vienna) wrote the book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’. The book not only explored the horrors and suffering that Frankl endured in the camps but majorly, it wanted to answer the question: what […]