In the second part, we’ll find out how a certain Indian Goddess results in the creation of thunderstorms and lightning, how too many vaginas can sometimes cause trouble and much more!


When Nimibatapa, of the Sherdukpen people, and her husband argue, things pan out very differently from the way they do in case of other couples. Her husband, when angry as a result of the fights, chases her across the sky, creating thunder with each step he takes. When Nimibatapa tries to escape from his rage, lightning flashes emerge from her vagina. And that is how thunderstorms are created. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Nimibatapa is not the only Goddess who creates trouble with her vagina, Chigum-Erum, the waterfall goddess of the Miri does so too. She likes to lift her skirt every now and then and expose what’s underneath to her husband. Each time she does so, lightning flashes emerge from her vagina. Her husband is not very pleased with her behaviour and thus spits at her, creating hailstorm.


This particular Goddess was a demon queen with a very long tongue. And with this tongue, she was known to lick all the sacred liquor called soma that was offered as a sacrifice to the Gods.

Indra wanted to stop this nuisance but he was unable to control her behaviour. So he told a hero named Sumitra to seduce the long tongued queen. However, Sumitra failed because he had only one penis.

Usually, one penis does do the job for a woman but Dirghajhivi had many vaginas all over her body. And so she wanted someone who had multiple penises. Indra, in order to make the game equal, did bless Sumitra with these. And soon after his multiple penises penetrated into the Goddess’s vaginas, Indra attacked her. Catching herself off guard, Dirghajivi lost her life.

Astang Devi

The Dewars of north-east India tell the story of how the wind impregnated an enchanting, virginal Goddess named Astang Devi with twins named Suraj & Chandra (Sun & Moon).

At that time, Earth did not contain much to eat except for twigs. The Goddess wanted to feed her twins with something more nourishing so she gave rise to bamboo, rice and other edible plants.

Sadly, one of the humans became envious of the Goddess’s efforts and decided to burn the crops she had planted. As Astang Devi rushed to contain the fire, sparks flew into the heavens and created stars. She then sent her children, Suraj & Chandra, to the sky to keep them safe from humans.


Usas, the Vedic Goddess of dawn, has many stories told about her, often contradicting. Some say that she lights the way for Surya or the Sun God, as he treks the heavens, minding his own business.

But others talk of how Usas rides her golden chariot across the sky at dawn and goes about minding her own business. Surya follows her relentlessly, just to ravish the gorgeous Usas and ends up lighting the whole sky, every single day.

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