A Celebrative Tribute to  Osho on His 90th Birthday
Osho was born on December 11, 1931 and left his body on 19 January 1990 but for those who love him, Osho is always there as a presence and a fragrance surrounding them. He is that eternal consciousness that is never born and never dies. Osho exists in the Eternal Now space.
Many of his disciples had the fortune to meditate in his presence when he was physically present and many more are continuing meditating while he is not physically present. Meditation is the way to connect with his energy and consciousness.  Many people took Sannyas initiation directly from Him, and still many more being initiated into Sannyas, feeling his presence and embarking on an inner journey of transformation through meditation and celebration.

Osho has shared a great treasure of meditations—of the past, present and the future—for the benefit of millions of seekers of on the path. Osho provides a meditation for every type of person on the earth. He devised hundreds of such methods.

Osho says: “There are three kinds of meditators in the world. The first kind meditates with open eyes. There are methods of meditation which can be done only with open eyes. With open eyes you relate with nature, the physical manifestation of God, with all its beauties, all its rejoicings, the birds singing and the trees flowering and the stars. With open eyes you can see the manifest God; hence there are a few techniques of meditation which have to be done with open eyes. And there are a few techniques which have to be done with closed eyes. Then you see the unmanifest God, which is far more important, because the manifestation is momentary and the unmanifested is eternal. I am here in the body; this is a momentary phenomenon. Tomorrow I may not be here in the physical body.”

Many of his sannyasins from around the world have already experienced these meditations as Osho has advised:  My sannyasins have to learn it — whether they are in Poona or Chicago they have to learn to connect with me, to contact me with closed eyes. Then I am forever; then whenever they close their eyes they will be surrounded by me. It will not be a form, it will not be a face, it will be simply a fragrance; it will not be a flower but only a fragrance. You can catch hold of a flower but you cannot catch hold of fragrance. You can experience it but there is no way to keep it in your fist. You cannot touch it, but you can be moved, tremendously moved by it, transformed by it, transmuted by it.”

Remembering Gautama the Buddha, Osho talks about the middle path that will be suitable to most of the seekers: “And there are a few meditations which are done with half-closed and half-open eyes; Buddha particularly insisted on doing your meditation with eyes half-closed and half-open. Why? His path is the middle path in everything. He is a very consistent man. He says: Be exactly in the middle because if you are outside with open eyes you may become attached to the manifest world; if you are with closed eyes you may become attached to the unmanifest world. But with half-open and half-closed eyes you will remain detached from both. You will be just a watcher, in the middle. On one side the existence of nature, on the other side the existence of God, and you simply standing in the middle — that too is a way to meditate.”

He concludes: “My own suggestion is: first meditate with open eyes; second, meditate with half-open and half-closed eyes; third, meditate with closed eyes. Slowly slowly, move into the unknown and the unknowable…Soon we are going to fill the whole earth with many many sannyasins, and wherever a sannyasin is, there is an oasis. And a single sannyasin can trigger the process, and many more souls can be ignited, can be made aflame.”

The enthusiastic meditators of Osho’s Neo-Sannyas Movement will be paying a celebrative tribute to their enlightened mystic and making effort to make his legacy freely available all around the world for generations to come. The representatives of various Osho meditation centers will gather in Koregaon Pune on 11 December for a daylong meditation event culminating into sannyas initiation celebration. The members of several centers from different parts of the world will meet on the virtual platform of Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube.
Happy Birthday, Osho!

Swami Chaitanya Keerti