Confidence is not about what you can or cannot do it is what you think or believe you can or cannot do. For example, you could be confident that you can pass a math test. You believe you can do well. Whether you well in the maths test or not is a different matter.
Self esteem is related to confidence. Self esteem is how you feel about what you can and cannot do and whether you feel good, bad or indifferent about the things you can or you cannot do. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
If you are feelings about your abilities are positive is probably have good self esteem. If your feelings about your abilities are negative and make you feel bad about your self, you probably have a low self esteem.
Here is what happened to a friend a few years ago, let me share his note with you;
” I landed a great job as a junior reporter on a fashion magazine. I was concerned though, about fitting in; would I make the right impression? people might think that I did not have enough experience. I did not have the right clothes, I was not trendy enough. I was full of negative self talk.
I started spending out on trendy new clothes, went out to expensive clubs, bars, and restaurants with my colleagues.
The bills started mounting up, I wanted to keep up  with everyone else at work and so when my cards reached their limit and sign up for more. Before I Knew I was in huge debt.
I kept it all a secret and did not even tell my best friend. When I realized  how bad things had got, I felt paralyzed with worry and self doubt. I felt guilty and regretful about all that spending over the past two years. I told myself I have been stupid and pathetic. I was worried and anxious about the future; telling myself the situation was hopeless and I would never get myself out of this mess.
Things changed when I started to accept what had happened could not be changed. But what happened next was in my power. I went to a debt advise service and they helped me work out what my options were.
Once I had a course of action that I could start working on, I felt huge sense of relief. I felt better immediately, felt more in the present, grounded. I congratulated myself for having got to grips with the situation and I told myself I have done well to seek help. Even if there were set back, I felt confident that I was going to be debt free at sometime in the future.”