These fragments of music that  you collect inside – don’t treat them as just fragments, search for an inter-relationship between them. It is difficult and you will need to know the art of life.
In childhood you experienced joy in running after a butterfly, and that experience of joy is still there, present within you, And when you fell in love for the first time in your life and experienced a great, over flowing feeling of joy – that too is still present within you. Then one night, sitting by the side of the ocean, you were entranced by the sound of its roaring.  That too is still there within you. Once, when you were just sitting and doing nothing, for no reason what so ever you found everything becoming silent and peaceful. That too is within you. There are a number of experiences just like these lying within you but they are disconnected, and you have never bothered to find out what is common to them all, what is point of harmony between them all. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
What is the connection between the small child chasing a butterfly, and the young man sitting beside his beloved – what is the similarity between the two? Both occasions have given you happiness; in both you had an experience of music and in both you experienced a similar ecstasy, so there is certainly a common element between them. They seem to be so different; child chasing a butter fly, the young man sitting beside his beloved, and the old man chanting the mantra OM. On the surface they do not seem to have anything in common. But certainly there has to be something in common between them, because all three are saying that they are in great bliss. NO matter how different the food, there is something similar about the taste.