Suffering is symbolic. It does not have causes, but only one cause. Howsoever different the suffering is, the cause is always one. The cause is that the hidden harmony between the human mind and the cosmic existence is lost. Whenever the hidden harmony is broken, suffering arises.
So suffering is only symbolic of broken harmony. In fact, even physiological suffering is symbolic of the harmony in the body being broken. Mental suffering is symbolic of the harmony in the mind being broken. Wherever harmony is broken, there is suffering. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Suffering really means broken harmony, and bliss means harmony regained. You can say it like this: harmony is bliss and the absence of harmony is suffering. So whenever and wherever there is not harmony in any dimension – physiological, mental or spiritual – you will have suffering.
It is possible to live in harmony. But we choose suffering by fighting. A small family or group lives in enormous conflict. Why?
Actually we live and work very seriously. Seriousness takes away all the playfulness from our act of living and working. Laughter is lost. How many times do we do funny things together such as jumping from tree or Pull ourselves by our shoestring. A strange competitiveness among relationships has spoilt all the harmony.
Life is too short and love is so precious, when we can fill our lives with love, with joy and when can we make our life poetry unto itself why don’t we do that. If we fail to do so none other than ourselves is responsible for it.
It is by some brilliant design of the existence that we got an opportunity of living, eating, singing, dancing and working together. The harmony descends in such environment. Harmony breeds friendliness so the whole world can live without enmity. If one person can live harmoniously with himself, a family can live harmoniously the whole world can live. Just take a bow in gratitude everyday. Your family, your team has been your greatest fan.
Meditations help build harmony and connect with us thus balancing body mind and should internally. It helps create love and fill us with gratitude. Thank your family and team members for being there with you.
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