Akaroa in New Zealand witnessed a very interesting wedding last week. Toby Ricketts and Marianna Young tied the knot in the world’s first legal Pastafarian wedding.
The pirate-themed ceremony, on a ship docked in Akaroa before a crowd dressed in full pirate regalia, featured choruses of grunts, colander crowns and pirate-themed puns.
‘Ministeroni’ Karen Martyn, who became the world’s first legal marriage celebrant for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster  earlier this year, wedded the couple.
During the first-of-its-kind ceremony, the bride and groom discussed their marriage’s terms and conditions in a comical list of demands and promises.
The groom spoke of his poor cooking and praised her gardening. “If you grow it, I won’t incinerate it,” he said. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
She agreed not to micro-manage his cooking and asked him to put aside his conservative English tastes and join her in exploring new gastronomical horizons.
The groom was then asked to take “this feisty wench” and the bride “this wayward scallywag” as their lawfully wedded best mate.
“May your sails be full, your compass point true, and your noodley best mate keep you warm and happy all the days and nights of your journey together,” the celebrant said.
After the ceremony, guests were invited to follow the newlyweds for sea shanties, cake and pasta-fest, rum drinking and revelry.
Ricketts found out about the satirical Church of the FSM and their newly-gained right to perform weddings while doing research for a film. Followers believe that pirates are supreme beings on earth from which all modern-day humans have evolved. Ricketts and Young decided they would get married the Pastafarian way, about three weeks ago.
Ricketts, an international voiceover artist, from Totara North, proposed to his long-term partner via a Google calendar invite.
The pirate-themed wedding was streamed live on Ricketts’ Youtube channel.
They were to spend Sunday in Akaroa before returning to normal life on Monday.
The Church of the FSM is officially recognised as a religious organisation. Members are entitled to wear a colander as ‘religious headgear’ in passport and driver license photographs.