If you think that winning a lottery will make you a happier person than you clearly are mistaken.
Experts say, “The perception is that you’re never going to worry about money again. In fact, you’re going to have to worry about it more than you ever, ever have before,”
While most people anticipate feeling excitement and elation after a financial windfall such as a lottery win, few are prepared for the anxiety, distrust, guilt and fear that come with it.
According to Paul Golden, a spokesman for the Denver-based non-profit National Endowment for Financial Education the greatest predictor of how successfully people manage their new found money is how well they manage the emotions tied to it. But the emotions can be very challenging. Mores so  when a sudden influx of cash changes relationships with family, friends and even strangers. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Ron Riggio,  professor of leadership and organizational psychology who has studied lottery winners explains, “All of a sudden you’re kind of a celebrity, and a celebrity that people want to take advantage of.”
Research on whether more money leads to more happiness is mixed.
A 2010 study of 1,000 Americans found levels of happiness increased as salaries went up, but once a salary reached $75,000 a year, the levels topped out — more money had no further effect.
Nonetheless, people still think they’ll be happier if they have more money.
“Everyone believes that money is going to bring them happiness, but vlog there’s no real evidence of that,” Riggio said.
In fact, the opposite may be true, according to research recently from the University of British Columbia, which found that when people prioritize to have more time at the expense of having less money, they’re happier.
Riggio, the psychology professor, says there are a lot of parallels between research on how to have an enjoyable retirement and how to stay happy after receiving a large fortune.
“The critical thing with making yourself happy and making your life have meaning is to have a plan, and to think about what you really want to do and and what you want to accomplish,” Riggio said.
That means having something that anchors you once you are not going to work everyday.  For many lottery winners, that might mean donating to charities.