Aggression is often due to insecurity.  When thrown outside aggression hurts others while when it is goes inside the person it creates stress.
What is insecurity?
Insecurity is always related to future. The mind has this unique quality to exist only in future and therefore all insecurities are related to future. Insecurities related to our careers, money, children, health are all in future. What will happen tomorrow? How will I live tomorrow and what will happen to me after five years. All Goal settings and targets are related to future and so bring enough insecurity. So emphasis in life is much on living and be measured in future. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Is it possible to live without Goals and Targets?
Goals and targets are important ingredients of life. You can achieve them by being assertive. Assertion is a playful insistence to move in a given direction having faith and trust in what you are doing. It brings more synergistic  approach and helps in building realistic timelines for achieving set goals and targets. It does not create insecurity if the goals are not achieved. As assertive approach is more existential and continual it is based on the things to happen now and here so you continue making your efforts towards their achievement and for its continuous improvement. Assertion is therefore present –  continuous.
Can I get rid of Insecurity?
You cannot get rid of insecurity you can only drop it by being more in present than in future. The words like when, where and how are words that create huge insecurity.  Start living, thinking and believing in here and now. This approach will drop all your insecurities and you will gradually move from aggression to assertion.
Can I Live in Here and Now?
Yes you can. A bit of meditation and bit of healing can help you live in here and now. There are several mediation techniques, which will help you build an assertive approach towards life and in everything that you do. Tibetan Pulsing shall help you heal and clear your past blockages and stored organ memories so that you can go deeper into meditation for a focused and wholesome approach to work and relationships. You transform your aggression into assertion for a playful achievement of all your goals and targets.