People don’t change. Money never changes anything, if you change that is an altogether different thing, I am not saying don’t have compassion, I am saying have compassion but don’t thing that your compassion the world is going to change. Don’t hope for that.
Give, what so ever you can give, share what so ever you can share, but share only out love, Don’t think in terms of politics, of changing the world, otherwise you will be frustrated. Forget all about it. You do what so ever you o feel like doing. If you meet a beggar and you have a feeling arising in you, do something, what soever you feel like doing.  I am not saying don’t do anything; I am simply saying don’t hope that you are changing the world. Nothing is being changed. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The only way to change the world is to change the level of consciousness – ad that you can do only in yourself. It cannot be done to anybody else from the outside. Yes if you change your level of consciousness, you create vibes which change people which change people with their knowledge.
A different milieu is needed in the world – not a different society but a different milieu. A different spiritual vibe is needed. That is why I am not interested directly . I don’t want to make you social servants, missionaries and things like that . I want you to be absolutely selfish.
First try to know who you are; this is the first principle of selfishness. First try to love; this is the second principle of selfishness. Love yourself, so that you can love others. And the third principle of selfishness; live the moment delightfully, celebrating and then something will start happening through you. You will become a triggering point; a world process starts. Whenever a Buddha happens, a world process starts. You become a buddha, awakened; that’s all that you do.