Love needs the greatest courage in life, for the simple reason that the basic requirement for moving into the world of love is dissolving your ego – and that is the hardest thing to do.

We cling to the ego like anything. We are ready to die for it, but we are not ready to let it die because it defines us, it gives us an identity. It gives us a separate existence. It makes us feel important, significant.  But because the ego is basically a false phenomenon, all those feelings are rooted in a fallacy. Hence, deep down, we are always aware that the importance that ego gives is  bogus, is phony. We know it and yet we don’t know it. We are aware of it and yet we don’t want to know it. We are aware of it, yet we want to be oblivious to it. This is the human dilemma.

To go into love means to get out of this dilemma, to drop the fallacy to drop he phony and the pseudo and to be simply a nonentity, a nothingness. But out of that nothingness something of immense value arises. Life becomes a celebration.