Nagesh Alai
Neither the timelessness of the universe nor the ephemerality of life itself is lost on anyone. Social creatures that we all are, celebration of life at every opportunity is understandable and is but a sub-conscious acceptance of the inexorable passage of time.
New Year or should I say New Years are literally dime a dozen. We have the Gregorian new year, the Chinese, the Jewish, the Islamic and of course the Hindu one where the number of new years is as diverse as the country itself. To name just a few, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Puthandu, Vaisakhi, Vishu, Poila Baisakh, Bohag Bihu, etc.
Joie-de-vivre and conviviality characterise all these celebrations and is a welcome break indeed to be thankful for the bounty of nature and rekindle relationships. Unfortunately though, gradually and surely, over the years, the underlying spirit of the new year has been yielding to the never ending flow of spirits for a new “high” and “nowness”, especially in the celebration of the Gregorian one. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
To look at it from a different lens, we tend to see the new year(s) as occasion(s) for new resolutions. Of course, it is a good and positive thing to do. But, wait a bit; didn’t we have a resolution last year too? Perhaps, we all enjoy short term loss of memory in all the revelry of life. Indeed, life is a ball to rock and roll. But is not there a central purpose in life that drives us all? What’s yours and how do you want to accomplish it? What’s the change within you that you want to see?
If answers to these have been elusive ( to wit, blame it on google ), then I would rather stay focussed on self-discovery and fulfilling that purpose in the New Year. Let the new year herald a new beginning within all of us, let it bring new insights. There is no high like a mission accomplished.

Remember, New Year is just a speck on time; it is more important to live time well all the times. Be the new you and that will be a new beginning.