One Salesman came back to his boss and said, “I am in a difficulty. That land we sold, now it is a problem. The man goes on phoning me, because the whole land is covered under six feel of water.  And he says,” What type of land have you given? And how a building could be erected?” So what should I do? Should I give him the only back and cancel the whole thing?”
The boss said, “What type of salesman are you? Take two motorboats and sell them to the man?”
A salesman has to go on selling things.If this has not worked then something else. And if the man got excited the first time why not the next time? you only need tricks. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Mind goes on selling you ideas of the future. It cannot supply you because the future never comes. And whenever it comes it is always going to be the present. The supply is in the present, and the salesman talks about the future. The supply is here and mind thinks in terms of hope dream imagination.
Accept the reality as you are and the world is. Don’t tty to change anything- and there is enlightenment. And then everything changes, because now you are no more the same. If you change something, nothing will change. If you accept, everything is transformed. It becomes luminous with an unknown light. Suddenly a muse is heard which you have never heard before a beauty revealed which was hidden. A door opens, darkness disappears, a sun has risen.
But it happens only when you are at the ease with yourself. It is a happening, it is not a result of your efforts. And don’t feel unhappy, because if it is not a result then what can do you? Feel happy because it is not a question of your effort. You can attain it this very moment. There is no need to postpone it.
Understanding is acceptance. Acceptance is enlightenment Buddhists – and Sosan is a Buddhist, a follower of Buddha – has a particular word for acceptance. They call it tathata. It means no complaint, it means no condemnation, it means no appreciation. It means simply as things are they are. Such is the way – suchness.
And one lives in muchness. What soever happens, one is ready to let it happen. Wherever life goes, one goes with it. What so ever happens is good. You don’t create a conflict, you are with it. You float, you don’t swim- and you never swim against the stream. You simply float with the stream, and by and by you don’t know who is who what is what, who is the stream and who is the one who has become part of the stream. You become the stream. This is enlightenment.