I have heard about one man, a great businessman, a d dress manufacturer. He died. Somehow, by some technical mistake, he entered heaven, He met his old partner there. The old partner was as sad as he was on this earth. So the businessman said, ” What does it mean? You are in heaven, and so unhappy?”
The partner said, ” It is okay, but personally I prefer Miami. ”
And the other also came to the same conclusion within days. They again became partners there, and they wanted to start a business firm to manufacture dresses. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The same is going to happen wherever you go, because you are the world. You create a world  around you, then the world helps the mind which has created it. The son helps the father the helps the mother, your shadow helps the substance then the mind to strengthened more,  then again you create the same world on the same line. From where to start a transformation? How to change?
If you look, the first look will say to change the world, because it is so apparent around you. Change it! And that’s what you h ave been doing for many lives; continuously changing the world, changing this and that, changing houses bodies, wives, husbands, friends – changing, but never looking to the fact that you remain the same, so how can you change the world?
That’s why a false tradition of renunciation came into existence all over the world. Escape from the house and go tho the monastery. Escape from the market, go to the Himalayas. Escape from the world! you can easily go to the Himalayas, but how can you escape from yourself? You will create the same world there- the same! It may be a miniature world, it may not be so vast, but you will do the same. You are the same – how can you do anything else?

Deeper insights reveal this: change the mind, then the world changes, The wherever you are, a different world is revealed. You go deeper, and then you understand that if you want to be really without the world around you…..Because howsoever beautiful the world is sooner or later it will become a boredom and you will be fed up. Even if it is heaven you will start longing for hell,because the mind needs change, It cannot live in the eternal, it cannot live in the non changing, because the mind hankers for some new curiosity, some new sensation, some new excitement. It is not possible for the mind to stop time and to timelessly remain.
That is why mind cannot live in the now, the here, because now is not a part of time. The now never changes it is eternal. You cannot say it is unchanging, that it is not permanent, that it is eternal. It is simply as it is. Nothing happens there. It is emptiness.