Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
“Man is a seeker and searcher, like a musk deer, wandering in the forest to find the source of the intoxicating fragrance, yet not knowing it is coming from its own naval.”
As one travels the arduous path of Spirit and Light, it is a must for any seeker to move from Untruth to Truth. To do this one must be consistent, devoted and committed to the Truth Within. Trust is not the output of the ego mind; it is the fragrance of the Soul or Spirit. At first we may not trust God or the Universe; we may not trust that the Divine only wants what is best for us. But we will gradually grow in trust, glow in trust, as we will come closer and closer to the Presence whom we are searching and seeking. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
We therefore trust the voice that comes from that tranquil space of our mind that is silent yet mystically eloquent. In order to access this tranquil space we need to not get our selves entangled with too many things to do. We work to create some space in our mind that is empty and fill that space with wordless tranquility. Mind in its state of illusion is a good servant but a bad master. After all it is our journey and we are trying to fathom infinity in finite things of life and the more we want to be like others the more we get lost in the jungle of our mind. As we dwell in that empty space of our non-desiring mind we crave not for recognition but recognise for the first time that we are the seeker, and We are the sought!!
As such though we are all seeking and searching for happiness very few come to realize that the seeker is the sought. What needs to be done is not to chase happiness, which is like chasing a mirage, but become conscious and aware of the thoughts and emotions that lead to unhappiness. Once we can discard or dispel the cause of unhappiness, work diligently on our mind and deeper memories and allow them to transform in the light of meditation, then the happiness that is our natural state just manifests without any obstacles.
The secret of happiness is not our success or possessions. Not the fulfilment of our endless desires. It is rooted in the simplest truth of CALM mind. When the chatter of mind subsides during meditation we are instantly tuned to happy-vibrations, tuned to the very source of joy that is universal. We break the borders of our body and feel our omnipresent soul. We become the very Bliss that we are seeking.  Again, the seeker is the sought.
Live life inside out. That is the core principle of the art of mindful, soulful life. Mindfulness is to realize that we are essentially a seeker seeking our own Self! The Self is not a philosophy; it is the reservoir of infinite Wisdom and Bliss. We keep searching for it outside till we learn that not until we retreat back to our inner Source from the peripheral world, that we come face to face with Reality. Self and the Source is One.