The working people in India are gradually turning to walking more and more these days. The second most preferable exercise now is Yoga. Running and cycling are the third and fourth most popular options. A large number of private sector employees are using mobile health apps to calculate the calories burnt and distance covered by walking.
The Walk For Health Survey 2016 -conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Jaipur has found a majority of government employees walked three to four days a week, and close to half of those employed in the private sector every day. The respondents, on an average, walked 3kms, or 50 minutes, a day.
The survey findings indicate that private sector officials are more aware about their health than their public sector counterparts, as they might be facing pressure at work to be seen as trying hard to stay fit. A query by surveyors about the popularity of mobile apps revealed that 55% private company employees prefer fitness apps against 47% government officials. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
More private sector employees are also engaged in a variety of other physical activities as well, including running and cycling; public sector employees mostly prefer yoga. Around 35% of private sector employees take the staircase compared with 14% of their public sector counterparts. The survey, conducted by health insurance firm Max Bupa, also mapped city-wise differences in fitness regimens. vlog Jaipur and Mumbai, for instance, have more regular morning walkers than Delhi and Pune. Pune has more yoga enthusiasts.
Cycling and running are largely popular in Jaipur. Hitting the gym is popular in Mumbai.Taking the staircase is most popular in Mumbai followed by Delhi. On why they chose to exercise, respondents in Delhi and Jaipur said it improved their breathing and digestion. In general, private sector employees cited better cardiac health, wish to look youthful and stay fit, and weight loss as reasons; government employees cited health of lungs, knee problems and controlling blood sugar. In Mumbai and Pune, those who don’t go for morning walks cited long commute as reason.