Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari
The more we practice cultivating our mind as our best friend, the more we find that no one can make us unhappy unless we resolve to be unhappy. No outside circumstance can make us unhappy unless we agree to become unhappy, unless we sign the contract to be unhappy.
There is a contract to be unhappy. There is an offer and there is an acceptance. There is no binding contract without an acceptance.
If someone offers us a cup of poison, will we accept it? No! But if someone offers us an insult, most of us do accept it at some level. We instantly start to react. We begin thinking negatively about the person insulting us. We accept the negativity coming from that person and return it in kind, at least in our own mind. We react. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Lord Buddha once gave a beautiful teaching, “If your neighbor brings a present to you and you don’t accept it, where does the present go? The answer is simple; it goes back to the neighbor.”
We always have the freedom to say no to poison. Why can’t we say no to a person who is offering us an insult or trying to do us harm? If we don’t accept the insult, if we do not react, the negative energy remains with the person who is insulting us. We are not carrying it forward, intensifying and sustaining its life and movement in the world.
Every human being has the freedom to say no to anything we consider poisonous to our body and mind. There is no need to condemn anybody who is insulting us. Just understand that it is our mistake to sign the contract of unhappiness by accepting it. We are always free to say, “This does not belong to me. I do not accept it.”
If a cloud passes over the sun, does this affect the sky? No! The sky can never be scathed or touched. We, too, can remain untouched, unscathed like the sky. We know that our mind is our best friend. We therefore remain unscathed. It is up to our awakened consciousness, our non-judgmental awareness that can create this elevated state of mind so that we only accept the positive and remain untouched by all the negativity, so that we can be the source of happiness for others and not add to the negative forces. Then we could be the harbinger of peace and Happiness for one and all in existence.