By Sahil Gadhavi
“Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.”- Rumi.
Happiness is often like sand. The harder you squeeze, the less you have. While unhappiness, seems like there is an abundance of. Everywhere in society we see so much unhappiness, and it makes one wonder: Am I truly happy? Are you?
I believe, to truly experience happiness, one must first understand unhappiness and it’s purpose. A research study done at the University of South Wales, found that people that are unhappy are more attentive to their surroundings and less gullible than people who aren’t. They also produce more effective and convincing arguments. “People who are unhappy recall better memories, are better at detecting deception and are less likely to make judgmental errors” says the author of the study Professor Joe Forgas. This leads to the logical conclusion that humans evolved to feel a wide array of emotions for a reason, each mood has a functional purpose. Unhappiness’ being mental acuity and the ability to cope with difficult circumstances. For example, when you experience a failure in something you are trying to achieve, while it hurts, it also makes you aware of your mistakes and better prepares you for the future. Next time you feel unhappy, you can try to channelize that alert state of mind and higher awareness of your surroundings into making your situation better. Analyze your options clearly and make the right decisions. Unhappiness is a powerful emotion that can truly give you clarity. Use it. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In a constant search of happiness, unhappiness is often undermined and overlooked. When it is it’s own medicine. It makes you truly appreciate happiness, when it does come by. If you hadn’t experienced heart break, say, would you really be able to appreciate love when you found it? Let the unhappiness wash over you like a wave, chipping away at your defenses, making you better prepared for the happier times, making you stronger. Embrace this very natural human emotion that is at times the most useful one. I know it is hard to see sometimes but the fact that you feel unhappiness is a blessing not a curse, for it makes those fleeting moments of happiness that much sweeter.