If you are ready to dissolve into the whole, bliss is the outcome. If you resist dissolution, if you try to remain a separate entity… That’s what everybody is doing: trying to be an ego, trying to protect themselves, defend themselves.

Everybody is fencing themselves off against the whole. Everybody is afraid of the whole because the whole is vast; it surrounds you from everywhere. And we are creating great walls, China Walls to protect ourselves; otherwise it will flood us, it will overwhelm us. So we build great China Walls and hide behind them and remain small.

This is the way of the stupid man, but the majority consists of the stupid people. The intelligent person knows that this is futile; it is an exercise in futility, utter futility. We are not separate, no man is an island. We are part of the continent, so it is useless to fight with the continent.

There is no need to waste your energy in fighting; the same energy can be used in celebrating. Dissolve into the whole, drop the ego. Forget that you are separate.