Sheryl Sandberg, the activist and author says, “It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It is also a very clear path to happiness.”
A very happy Deepana Gandh’s life is a perfect example of a life full of passion. She was just another girl with dreams of her own, trying to find a place in this male dominated world.
Today, driven with her passion to excel, she has found her path to success and is heading ahead with full throttle towards ‘the moon’. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Yes, on Tuesday night Gandhi was at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, TX in the US to attend the international première of a documentary web series, with members of her team and JJ Abrams at her side.
The web series titled ‘Moon Shot’ is a nine-part documentary vlog that chronicles the efforts, sacrifices and passion of multiple private teams around the world, competing for the Google Lunar X Prize. Founded in 2007, the aim of the project is to motivate groups of new age space explorers to land a rover on the Moon, travel half a kilometre and send back high-definition video and pictures back to Earth.
The motivation is $30 million, roughly Rs. 200 crores, for the first one to do so.
December 31, 2017 is the last date to reach the Moon’s surface.
Google has brought in Star Wars and Star Trek director JJ Abrams as executive producer and Academy Award-nominee Orlando von Einsiedel to increase awareness for the ongoing project, and showcase the individuals who are behind the robots headed for greatness.
Gandhi is part of India’s only entry to the competition – Team Indus based out of Bangalore – and is in charge of flight dynamics for the robot. While Gandhi herself will never step on the Moon, she is loving what she’s getting to do with Team Indus.
The team thinks they have a real shot at the prize. The Bangalore outfit thinks it will be ready for launch by Q3 2017, in time for the deadline.
The story of Gandhi: the struggle to navigate the sexist thinking in India, persevering in the face of the odds, and the want to pass on the knowledge and passion to children forms the third episode of Moon Shot.
Toward the end of the film, Gandhi notes the changing Indian landscape, and hopes for a future where women serve in equal numbers as men.