54-year-old American citizen Tim Mahoney from Kentucky traveled over 12,000 km on his own expense to deliver a prosthetic limb for injured police horse Shaktiman in Dehradun. All that made him take this journey was love for horses and a facebook post.
The incident that caused Shaktiman the 14 years old horse to lose one of his hind legs caused a great stir in people’s minds. Almost everyone who saw on their screens Shaktiman taking the fall and injuring himself on 14 the March near state assembly, felt the compassion for this beautiful poor horse. All of India raised their voice against the BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi who caused it. He was booked for the assault and arrested . later he was released by the court on bail. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Mahoney, an ex-employee of Bank of America who retired in 2015, saw a post on Facebook by artificial limb expert Jamie Vaughan that talked about Shaktiman’s tragedy. Vaughan, who runs an NGO for animals in Bhutan and is treating Shaktiman, had posted that the artificial leg for the horse, which is manufactured in Virginia, would have to be couriered and would take eight to 10 days to reach Dehradun. She asked if anyone travelling to India would be willing to carry the leg along.
Although Mahoney had never personally met Vaughan. But vlog the distance and the expense, nothing could deter him from deciding to travel to India with the sole purpose of delivering the leg for an animal in pain and discomfort.
Thus began an arduous, week-long journey for a noble cause. The animal lover first flew to Virginia, took the prosthetic leg from the manufacturing centre and then took a flight to New York. He reached New Delhi on April 8 and arrived in Dehradun the following day. Shaktiman was fitted with the artificial leg the same evening.
A bearded man dressed in jeans and black shirt bent over a horse in agony soon became a common sight for the team of vets and other animal lovers at Police Lines, all of whom marvelled at Mahoney’s “call of heart”. Vaughan, who after meeting Mahoney for the first time in Dehradun said she had developed great respect for him.
While Mahoney has visited India on six occasions for professional reasons, this is his first personal visit to the country and first to the hill state. He says, “I am completely in love with this great country. Each visit was a memorable one and perhaps it was the love for animals and for this country, its people and culture that led me to bring the prosthetic leg,”
He further added, “Shaktiman is a beautiful horse and after seeing it I realized it was worth taking the pain. Now, I will fly back to the US, where my wife and I intend to open an animal rescue centre.”