Thinking will lead you nowhere. Remember this: no fact can ever be known by thinking. Actually, thinking is a tactful means of falsifying facts. Looking at a flower if you begin to think about it you will never know the flower, because the more you move into thinking about it, the further it will be removed from you. You will move ahead in your thoughts while the flower will remain lying there. What has the flower to do with what you are thinking? A flower  is a fact if you want to know a flower, don’t think about it – look at the flower.
There is a difference between thinking and seeing – and the difference is significant. The west puts great emphasis on thinking. That is why they have named their science of thinking Philosophy. Philosophy means conceptual thinking. We have named the same science darshan. Darshan means to see, Darshan does not mean thinking. This needs to be understood a little. When we have called it Darshan while they have called it Philosophy – and there is a fundamental difference between the two. Those who take philosophy and Darshan to be a synonym knows nothing. They are not synonym. That is why there is nothing like Indian philosophy and nothing like western Darshan. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The west has a science of thinking- it consists of investigation, logic, analysis. The east cared for something else the east has experienced that there are certain facts which can never be known by thinking about them. These facts will have to be seen, will have to lived. There is a enormous difference between living and thinking
A man who thinks about love may perhaps write a thesis on it, but a lover lives it, see it, it is possible we may not be able to write a thesis. And if someone ask a lover to say something about love he may close his eyes, tears may start rolling down his cheek, he might say, “Please don’t ask what can i say about Love?” One who has thought about love will explain it for hours, but he may not even know one iota of love.
So thinking and seeing are different process. Thinking is a western approach and seeing is an Indian or eastern approach. the indian darshan is more applied and practical while the western Philosophy is more conceptual thinking.