What is Sympathy?
It is a temporary feeling of pity or feeling of sorry for something or someone while facing a situation. It is a reaction that evaporates as soon as that situation changes. You see a dog on the street getting hurt and you have sympathy for it being a dog, you may also have sympathy for a person begging on the road side, you may have sympathy for a friend who is passing a bad phase in life, you may have sympathy with an issue of starvation looming large in Ethiopia.  Sympathy is what a politician gives to the people. They express in words but feel least about what they express. Hence, sympathy is a feeling with a temporary shelf life. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
What is Empathy?
What is Empathy?
Empathy is an understanding, which enables you to feel the same that the other feels, be it pain or just a perspective. If someone is sad you feel his sadness, if someone is in love you feel his love and when someone is angry for something you feel his anger.
Empathy is a quality of emotions that evoke out of your love for the others. Empathy helps you relate with others and so helps you connect with all your consciousness and build a wonderful bond in relationships. Empathy is out of our compassion and is a response originating out of our understanding about someone or something.
Why do we need Empathy?
Most of the time we hear people talking about having sympathy for something or for someone. Sympathy for anything is good, but it is superficial. It does not help you in transforming the person for whom you feel it or yourself for that matter.  The genesis of Sympathy is a deep down fear of facing the similar situation. Somewhere we are traumatized by the event happening to someone or something.  Empathy is the other side of the coin and helps you understand the reason with much care and love. Therefore the real transformation comes from empathy.
Love is our nature, love breeds empathy. Our heart understands the language of Love. It helps improve communication among us and it also helps relationships to be stronger and lasting. It is not mere words. It is experiencing the same joy and sorrow as that of others whom you love. We can resolve several corporate and political conflicts just by being Emphatic. You can listen to music, admire a painting and read a piece of poetry with empathy and you step into the same set of emotional experience as that of the musician, painter and the poet.
How can we Develop Empathy
If we are not feeling empathy naturally it means our energy is blocked at different chakras of the body. Our body has seven chakras and the energy quality at each is of a different nature. It is possible that the Root chakra has some blockages. We can clear them with Meditation, Tibetan Pulsing and NLP. Happyho consultants can help you explore your hidden splendor. Contact us at info@happyho.in or call us at 0120-4981837 (From 10 am to 6 pm) or 9811237999 / 9811198701.