‘The Yoga of Indian Dance’ a book by Mandakini Trivedi, is in fact a 25 page booklet, with stencilled Lord Nataraja on the cover.
The book traces the basic concepts of Yoga, how they are applicable in regular life and their spiritual implications. It then talks about Natya Sastra, similarity between natya and yoga, and finally the goal of the both – culmination in a happy union of body and soul with super soul. The author says, “Yoga is the undivided, conflict-free state of being.”
The book touches upon the aesthetic, the symbolic vlog and the spiritual dimensions of classical dance forms of India. However, it is the spiritual aspect that has been highlighted in the book. Under four headings the essence of classical arts is distilled for the students and the lovers of art. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The entire book is statements of fact corroborated by authentic ancient treatises. What adds to the facts and style of writing is the aesthetic and appropriate use of beautiful pictures.
Mandakini Trivedi says that her concern was “to bring Yoga which is soul of dance education which has been grossly neglected. Both are not individual entities. At least the students of dance should know this.”
The Yoga of Indian Dance by Mandakini Trivedi is priced at Rs.350.