If you determine your course with force or speed, you miss the way of the law.
The ego is always aggressive it can exist only through aggression. It creates such fuss, such dust, such smoke, that you can’t see. It makes you blind. It whirls you round and round, it makes you dizzy. That’s why the ego is always hankering for more and more power, more and more force. It wants to do things with absolute force.
The ego is fascist, it is totalitarian, it is dictatorial. It does not want any rebellion against itself. It immediately destroys any possibility of you becoming free of it. Just the seed of a rebellion… and it starts destroying it. It is constantly watching. It is constantly trying to keep you so occupied that you never become aware of the great slavery you are living in. and  ego is very cunning: it convinces you that “I am you.”
So whenever the idea of dropping the ego arises you start feeling  as if you are losing your identity. The ego is not your identity. It is because of the ego that you are not able to know who are really are. The ego is barrier. It keeps you running and it keeps you at such a speed, in such a hurry, that you don’t have any time to think things over, to ponder, to meditate, to see what you are doing and why you are doing it.
It does not give you any time to see. It keeps you crazy, engaged, constantly engaged in one desire or other. Before one desire is spent it creates ten more. It keeps new desires ready so there is never gap, never an interval left between two desires—because in that gap you will be able to see and recognize the stupidity of your life, the utter madness of your life. And once you have seen it you cannot remain part of it anymore. You will jump out of it! You have seen that the house is one fire.
Buddha says: If you determine your course with force or speed, you miss the way of the law. You miss the whole point of existence, because existence is available in all its beauty and benediction only to those who are living in a relaxed way. Not with force, not with any speed; not rushing, running. It is available to those who are at rest, at home with the present moment, so relaxed as if there is no other time. This moment is all…
If you go with speed you will miss; if you are in too much of a hurry you will not be able to see. Your eyes will remain clouded, you will remain tense. You will not be able to see that which is, because your mind is so full of desire, of ambition, of achievement, you can’ t see that which is. You are always hankering for that which should be.
Ordinarily, the “ought” has become more important than the “is”, the “should be” has become more important than “that which is.” And existence is that which is, truth is that which is.