We are continuously thinking, twenty-four hours a day, day in, day out. It is a very insane state. The mind goes on fabricating all kinds of desires and dreams and we remain clouded by these desires and thoughts. There is no other barrier between us and truth except these continuous thoughts. This thinking has to cease, and it can cease because it is not a natural state at all; it is an unnatural diseased state. We have been taught to be this way. Our colleges, our schools, universities, all teach us how to think, all teach us how to turn the mind on and nobody tells us how to turn it off.

My work here is to teach you how to turn it off. It is good when it is needed — use it — but when it is not needed, turn it off and fall into deep silence. Only in those silent spaces does godliness visit you, and only in those silent spaces do you become aware of the tremendous splendor of existence. Life suddenly becomes so significant, so meaningful, that you could not have imagined it before. Each moment becomes so precious that one cannot be thankful enough to existence.