Meher Baba would tell his disciples, by writing a note, ” On this particular date, I am going to break my silence”, and then he would not break it. This continued for forty years and then he died in silence. What was the problem? why should he say, now this year on this date, I am going to speak? and why should he postpone it again? what was happening inside? why would he not keep his promise?
Once you know Silence for such a long time, you cannot fall back to sounds again; it becomes impossible. This is a rule and he did not follow the rule, so he could not come back. There is a rule one should not remain silent for more than three years. Once you cross the limit, you cannot come back to the world of sounds. You may try, but it is impossible. It is easy to move from sounds to silence, but it is very difficult to move from silence to sounds. Beyond three years many things simply become impossible. The mechanism cannot function the same way again. It has to be used continuously; at the most one can remain silent three years, beyond that, if you remain silent the mechanism which can produce sounds and words cannot be used again, it becomes dead. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Secondly, the person becomes so silent remaining with himself alone that it will now be a misery to communicate. Than to say something to someone will be like talking to a wall, because the person who has remained silent for such a long time knows that you cannot understand what so ever he is saying. Regardless what he is saying, he knows he is not saying that which he wants to say. the whole thing has gone. After such a deep silence, he cannot move again to the world of sounds. So Meher Baba tried and tried, but he could not bring himself to speak again. he wanted to say something, and he had something worth saying, but the mechanism and the movements necessary to come back to a lower realm were impossible. Thus, He died without saying what he wanted to say.
It will be helpful to understand: what so ever you are doing always go on doing the opposite with it, go on changing to the opposite always. Remain silent for a few hours, then talk. Do not become fixed in anything – you will be more alive more moving. Do meditation for few days and then stop suddenly and do everything that can create tension in you. Than move again to meditation.
Go on moving between the opposites, you will be more alive and dynamic. Do not get fixed. Once you get fixed, you will not be able to move to the other extreme and the other ability to move other extreme means life. If you are not able to move, you are already dead this movement is very good.