Krishnamurti goes on saying something very beautiful: that in deep meditation the observer becomes the observed. This true but you will feel this looks absurd. If you are looking at a flower, does Krishnamurti mean that you become the flower? Then how will you get back home? and somebody may pluck you and you will be in trouble.
” The observer becomes the observed” – does it mean you become the flower?  No….But still in a sense, Yes. You don’t become the flower in the sense that you can be plucked and somebody can carry you and you are no more a man. No, not in that sense. But when there is no mind, there is no boundary to you which separates you from the flower, No boundary to the flower which separates it from you. You have both become a subjective pool, You are merging and meeting. You remain You, the flower remains the flower, nobody can mistakenly pluck you, but there is a merging. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
It happens in your life, sometimes only in a few moments when you love a person. That too is rare, because man’s mind never leaves him, even in love. It goes on creating its own nonsense, creating its own world. and the lover is no longer allowed such closeness that he reaches to the background. The figure, the ego, always stands in between. But a few times it happens.
Of course, it must be happening inspite of you. It is so natural that even if you have made all the arrangements, sometime the reality bumps into you. Inspite of all your arrangements, of all your dreams, sometime it penetrates you, sometime you are not on guard. Sometimes you forgot, or you are so much occupied in a certain thing that   a window opens and you are not looking at the window and the reality enters in.
A few moments, in love, this happens; when the observer has become the observed. this is a beautiful meditation: if you love a person than sit with the person and look into each other’s eyes – not thinking anything, not thinking who he is, not creating a thinking process, just looking into each other’s eye
There may be a few glimpses when the observer will become the observed, when you will be lost and you will not know who you are – whether you have become the beloved or the beloved has become you. Eyes are beautiful doors to enter into each other.
And why do I say only in love it is possible? – because only in love are you not on guard. You relax, you are not afraid of the other, you can be vulnerable, you can afford it. Otherwise you are always on guard because you don’t know what the other will do, you don’t know whether he will  hurt you. And if you are not on guard the hurt can be go very deep.