One must understand what desire means, and religions have confused you much about it. IF you desire something of the world, they call it desire. If you desire something of the other world they call it by a different name. This is absurd. Desire is a desire! it makes no difference what the object of desire is. the object may be anything – of this world, material, or of another world , Spiritual – but desiring remains the same.
Every desire is a bondage. Even if you desire God, it is a bondage; Even if you desire liberation it is a bondage. And liberation cannot happen unless this desiring goes away totally. So remember, you cannot desire liberation, that is impossible, that is contradictory. You can become desire less, and then liberation happens. But that is not a result of your desire, it is a consequence of no desire. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
So try to understand what desire is. Desire means that right now you are not ok. You are not at ease. this very moment you are not at ease with yourself, and something else in the future, if fulfilled, will bring you peace. The fulfilment is always in the future; it is never here and now. This tension of the mind for the future is desire. Desire means you are not in the present moment and all that is there is only the present moment. You are somewhere in the future, and the future is not. It never has been, it will never be. All that is, is always the present – this moment.
This projection of your fulfilment somewhere in the future is desire. So what that future fulfilment is, is irrelevant. It may be the kingdom of God, heaven, nirvana, it may be anything, but if it is in the future, it is desire. And you cannot desire in the present, remember, that is not possible. In the present you can only be you cannot desire in the present?
Desire leads into the future, into fantasy, dreaming. That is why so much insistence by Buddha for no desire, because only in no desire you move into reality. with desire you move into dreams. The future is a dream, and when you project into the future you are going to be frustrated. You are destroying reality right now for future dreams and this habit of the mind will remain with you. It is being strengthened every day. So when your future comes it will come in the form of the present, And your mind will again move to smoother future. Even if you reach God, you will not be satisfied. The way you are, it is impossible. Even in the presence of the divine, you will have moved away into the future.
You mind is always moving into the future. This movement of the mind is desire. Desire is not concerned with any object, with whether you desire sex or you desire meditation- it makes no difference. Desiring is the thing – that you desire. It means you are not here. It means you are not in the real moment, and the present moment is the only door into existence. The past and future are not doors, they are walls.