Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to strengthen the regional equations of the state before the 2022 UP assembly elections by inaugurating the Purvanchal Expressway. PM Narendra Modi from Indian Air Force’s Hercules Globemaster aircraft at Purvanchal Expressway in Sultanpur But landed on the built air strip. It is said that the path to power of Lucknow is decided by Purvanchal. And, PM Modi left no stone unturned to prove it in the inauguration program of Purvanchal Expressway. Narendra Modi proved the importance of 28 districts of Purvanchal in his familiar style.

It would not be wrong to say that the landing of BJP’s electoral Alexander from Hercules on Purvanchal Expressway will have a big impact in the politics of this part. Because, in order to make a strong hold on Purvanchal, Narendra Modi had contested the Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi in 2014 and in 2019 again expressed confidence in Kashi. The direct influence of CM Yogi Adityanath in Gorakhpur and many adjoining districts of Purvanchal also makes this part of the state important for the BJP.

Assessing the possible damage that may be caused in western Uttar Pradesh due to the farmers’ agitation, the BJP has thrown its full emphasis in Purvanchal. This is the third visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Purvanchal within a month. In the earlier visits, PM Modi had inaugurated the International Airport in Kushinagar and 9 medical colleges in UP from Siddharthnagar.
In the coming time, more visits of PM Modi to Purvanchal are proposed. So, it can be said that Purvanchal is sure to get the gift of many development works from PM Modi in the coming time.

In view of the UP elections, despite the Hindutva knowledge of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khurshid, apart from SP President Akhilesh Yadav showing Jinnah’s love, Narendra Modi did not utter a word on this subject during his visit to Purvanchal.There was no comment from PM Modi on the politics of Muslims to Jinnah. Which was enough to give an indication of the developmental politics of Modi somewhere. Most of the focus in Narendra Modi’s speech was on development. But, do not forget to touch on every important issue. Narendra Modi hit many targets with one arrow with the help of the launch program of Purvanchal Expressway.


In the inauguration program of Purvanchal Expressway, PM Modi also made linguistic equations with the speech starting from local dialect to Bhojpuri. In the part of Purvanchal, 33 percent of the assembly seats of Uttar Pradesh come. In the last assembly elections, BJP had won 115 seats on 164 assembly seats in 28 districts of Purvanchal. This time in western UP, due to the fear of loss due to the farmers’ agitation, the BJP has also kept an eye on the remaining 49 seats. To strengthen itself in Purvanchal, BJP has tried to make caste equations. An alliance with Anupriya Patel’s Apna Dal (S) and Sanjay Nishad’s Nishad Party has already been announced.


The Ram temple being built in Ayodhya is the biggest election issue for the BJP in the UP elections. CM Yogi Adityanath also proved this by announcing Jai Shri Ram at the beginning of his speech. But, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech by saluting the land of the slaughter of the Kalnemi demon in his familiar style, without directly mentioning the Ram temple.


In the inauguration program of Purvanchal Expressway, PM Modi caught hold of the issue of nationalism from the very beginning. Modi awakened the spirit of nationalism with the help of the freedom struggle of 1857. He said that the soil here smells of freedom struggle. Not only this, he also told that how important it is to have this Purvanchal Expressway for the future.PM Modi, who descended from the Indian Air Force’s cargo Hercules Globemaster aircraft, described this utility for the army during the war situation in the future. After the launch program, an air show was also organized on the 3.2 km long air strip built on Purvanchal Expressway. On which fighter planes like Rafale, Sukhoi, Mirage, Jaguar did touch and go and air show took place. The mention of military factories including the Defense Corridor in UP focused on the agenda of nationalism among the people.