The human life currently is under turmoil and perhaps a paradigm shift is underway of human consciousness. Earth, where every one of us has lived and will live. From emperor to a beggar, from all philosophies to any Economic doctrine. From every one we know to every one we loved and from every one we think of have lived on this earth has lived on this planet. That is the reason we call the planet earth as our mother.
Our mother earth is just a small pale blue dot in the whole cosmos. It is the only liveable planet so far we know. All the inventions that we did, all the technological advancements we made, are unble to save the melting glaciers and are also unable to stop the mass destruction happening due to natural calamities and political reasons.
We have better musical insturments to play, some better equipment to listen music but we wonder where is the soul of music is gone. Perhaps the soul is burdened in many layers of destruction. It seems that the primitive world was better off. It had lesser knowledge, lesser science and more deaths. Today we have more knowledge, better quality of life, more diseases  and even more deaths. We have everything that our comfort needs but why are we living less and missing life more. In fact what ever is less we ask more of it and so we ask more of death and also create reasons for more deaths. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
We are competing with machines. The human intelligence is becoming increasingly dependent on machines. It is getting replaced to artificial intelligence. We shall loose our intuitive power. And that seems as the advent of humanity transforming in the complete mechanised era of civilisation. The human behaviour will be much programmed and the living will be mechanical. Human consciousness perhaps will be the worst sufferer for it gets buried under a terrible mass of self destruction.
Who will be the survivor of the last human species on the Earth. those who acknowledge this change and demonstrate to live with their awareness and alive to all the emotions, Keeping Happiness the supreme. Your growth in Meditation shall help you to be happy and alive. While we have our limitations as human beings but we have limitless potential of our human consciousness to grow. Meditation can only be our Saviour in era of humanoids.
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