Surprise is a very important element to build happiness. If it is used for marriage it is even more happier.  We see more and more people announcing surprises. To many the element surprise is so significant that they want to be surprised all the time and keep surprising people. The suddenness of event makes us free of thoughts. The profoundness of the moment overwhelms our thoughts.
Imagine by 8pm, when the party was in full swing and the couple took to the stage, the front of a sign pressed up against Pienkowski’s chest. She scanned the group to make sure everyone had arrived, and then turned over the sign, which read, “Surprise! Welcome to the wedding of Lauren & Corey, March 18, 2017“.
Mouths hit the floor.Shouts ensued, followed by clapping. An ivory curtain behind the stage was pulled back to reveal the ceremony location. Guests took their seats as Pienkowski ducked into a bathroom and changed into her wedding dress. Then the couple were married. “It was fast and exciting,“ the bride said, “The shock made for more of an interesting affair.“ Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Surprise weddings are no longer the sole domain of celebrities looking for privacy, such weddings are becoming popular among couples who can’t pin down a date months in advance, are overwhelmed by the prospect of planning a huge gala, or want to save a bundle on doing an out-of-season event.
For Lauren Mabry and Sam Petner, their goal was to do something unusual. “We wanted our guests to experience the flood of emotions and happiness that we assumed we would experience on that day ,“ Mabry said.
For the parents, many of whom have been made co-conspirators, knowing about plans alleviates some concerns while creating others.Lauren Mabry’s father James was apprehensive about how people would handle the surprise. “I didn’t know if I’d hear crickets chirping or applause,“ he said, “But when I said it was their wedding, there was an explosion. Everyone enjoyed it.“