To straighten the crooked you must first do a harder thing—straighten yourself.
It is easy to look at other people’s faults. One loves to see other people’s faults because that helps and strengthens you ego: “I am far superior.”  It is very difficult to see one’s own faults; only a man who loves himself can see them.
Don’t listen to others, what they say about you. See yourself, who you are, where you are, what your  faults are. And the miracle is that seeing a fault through your own awareness dissolves it. You need not make any effort to dissolve it; the very awareness is enough. It starts melting like ice in the hot sun. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
But it is very difficult to see one’s own faults, because you never look at yourself; you are constantly extroverted, looking at others. The  shapely new stenographer gave a piece of paper to the company auditor, saying, “Here is that report you wanted, Mr. Berry.” “My name is Mr. Perry!” He corrected. “You must have been talking to the head bookkeeper who can’t pronounce his P’s right. Did he say anything about me?”
“Only that when it comes to meaningless details, you are a regular brick!”
It is certainly difficult, because you have to turn your whole consciousness towards yourself. And we have become so extroverted, we have been made so extroverted that introversion seems to be almost impossible. We are paralyzed; we can look only at others. Even if we want to look at ourselves we have to look in a mirror. Then the image in the mirror becomes the other.
One has to learn to look at oneself with closed eyes, to watch silently. And don’t carry any a priori prejudices. Many people have told you, “These are your faults.” Don’t carry those ideas within you, otherwise you will find them—because thought is very inventive. Put aside all that has been said about you. Remember only one thing: unless you know it on your own authority, it has no value, no meaning.
So go without any prejudice—for or against. Just go in total openness and see. And if you are loving and if you know how to watch, you will come across the most mysterious phenomenon: seeing a faults is dissolving it. That is Buddha’s  great secret: knowing that you are doing something wrong is enough; you can’t do it anymore.