ONCE UPON A TIME, if you were pushing 30 and you walked into a get together alone, you were like an elephant in the room. Not anymore.  Society is gradually accepting that being single or not is your choice. You only feel as lonely as you have conditioned yourself to feel – age no bar, gender no bar.
You have the choice not to let your life be defined by your relationship status and be happy everyday of your life. Check any dictionary, single is not a synonym for lonely and miserable. If you still feel that way, it’s time to change your thinking and become life positive. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The first and foremost thing is to get rid of factors that obstruct your onward march.
These factors do HALT you in your quest for Happiness – self-love and self-care would help you in getting rid of them.  Eat right food and regularly do a few breathing exercises, don’t build walls around yourself, engage yourself in activities that you enjoy and sleep well.
A few things that you can do to be happy:

  1. It all begins in the first 20 minutes of your day – keep your thoughts positive and engage yourself with something that gives you joy – go for a walk, do yoga, read something life positive, feed a few strays, play with your pets. Anything that gives you unadulterated joy. Do it consciously for 21 days – it would become a way of life and bring you happiness.
  2. Stop addressing yourself as ‘Poor me’. You are what your thoughts are. Also, if you would stop regaling in self-pity, others would fall in line as well.
  3. Happy singles do not waste time digging the past or worrying about future. They live in the present. If you desire to be happy single, you should do that too.  A 30 year old single, just out of a bad relationship, packed her bags and went for a holiday in Himachal with a close friend. While some called it escapism, we believed it to be the right attitude. She returned recharged and happy, proving us correct.
  4. Being single does not mean shunning away family and friends. Maybe you stay alone and can’t visit them every day, talk to them. They are always ready to listen and support. Be with them whenever you can find time, share your happiness and sorrows with them and listen to them. Spending time with them, connecting with them would de-stress and relax you.
  5. Focus on yourself. Develop yourself – work on your thoughts. It is a well-accepted fact now that your thoughts create your reality. Monitor your thoughts, erase them and rewrite them. Make a conscious effort for a month to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and you would become a happy person. As per studies it takes at least thirty days to form new neural pathways in your brain (more on it in an article soon).
  6. Discover or rediscover your creativity. Remember your childhood days – when you got good grades in art or music or performed well on stage, you promised yourself to follow your passion for the rest of your life. Get yourself some colours & paint brush, some clay or that keyboard you wanted to play. A forty year old friend of mine learnt pottery. Now he creates small pieces of pottery to give away on happy occasions. The smile on his face when he hands it over tells the story of his joy, and makes others happy too.
  7. Have an attitude of gratitude. Instead of complaining about what you don’t have, concentrate on what you have. We are taught to do so from childhood days, but are too lazy about doing it. Happiness attracts happiness, and soon the list of things you should be thankful about gets bigger. This holds true for every one -single or not

Practice meditation and yoga. In Singledom, start with reconnecting with your body, leading to reconnection with your mind and soul. It does not only keep you healthy physically but also keeps your spirits flying high. A few minutes of Yoga and Meditation are beneficial to everyone, but for singles it works like magic. (Check out our Meditation and Yoga section to know more about their power).
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