Every body is born as one single individual, but by the time he is matured enough to participate in life he has become a crowd. it is not anything special that you are feeling; it is the case with almost everybody. The only difference is that you are becoming aware of it, which is good. People are not aware of it.
IF you just sit silently and listen to your mind, you will find so many voices. You will be surprised, you can recognise those voices very well. Some voice is from your grand father, some voice is from your grand mother, some voice is from your father and another voice is from your mother. Some voice is from the priest another from the teacher, from the neighbours, from  your friends, from enemies. All these voices are jumbled up in a crowd within you, and if you want to find your own voice, it is almost impossible, the crowd is too thick. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In fact, you have forgotten your own voice long ago. You were never given freedom enough to voice your opinions. You were always taught obedience. You were taught to say yes to everything that your elders were saying to you. You were taught that you have to follow whatever your teachers or your priests are doing. Nobody ever told you to search for your own voice, “have you got any voice of your own or not?” So your voice has remained very subdued and other voices are very loud, commanding, because they were orders and you followed them – inspite of yourself. You had no intention to follow, you could see ” this is not right.” but one has to be obedient to be respected, to be acceptable to be loved.
Naturally only one voice is missing in you, only one person is missing in you and that is YOU. Otherwise there  is a whole crowd, and that crowd is constantly driving you mad, because one voice says, “do this” another voice says, ” never do that! don’t listen to that voice!” and you are torn apart.
This whole crowd has to be withdrawn. This whole crowd has to be told, ” now please leave me alone ! ”  The people who have gone to the mountains or to be secluded forests were really not going away from the society; they were trying to find a place where they could disperse their crowd inside.