In case you are a shopaholic, do rejoice in being one as the evidence has been found that material purchases can provide more frequent happiness over time.
A new study has shown that material purchases, from sweaters to skateboards, provide more frequent happiness over time, whereas experiential purchases, like a trip to the zoo, provide more intense happiness on individual occasions.
The majority of previous studies examining material and experiential purchases and happiness focused on what people anticipated about shopping or remembered about items and experiences.
Material purchases consist of items such as designer wear, portable speakers, or latest smartphone or a new age coffee maker, and examples of experiential purchases were a weekend resort trip, tickets to a cricket game, or spa gift cards. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
By having people record their thoughts in the weeks following their purchases, as well as one month after their purchases, the researchers found that material and experiential purchases bring happiness in two distinct flavours.
Material purchases bring repeated doses of happiness over vlog time in the weeks after they are bought, whereas experiential purchases offer a more intense but fleeting dose of happiness.
The conclusion thus us that the decision of whether to buy a material thing or a life experience may therefore boil down to what kind of happiness one desires.
A holiday shopper deciding between tickets to a concert or a new couch in the living room. The concert will provide an intense thrill for one spectacular night, but then it will end, and will no longer provide momentary happiness, aside from being a happy memory. In contrast, the new couch will never provide a thrilling moment to match the concert, but will keep the owner snug and comfortable each day throughout the winter months.