Shivaratri and Valentine”s day this year are celebrated on same day. It is a unique coincidence but a very significant one. It bring the opposites together. At a deeper state Shivratri contains both.
Osho says Tantra is the search for the rhythm of the opposites, of contradictions. Contradictory, opposite stand point become one in tantra. This has to be deeply understood only then will you be able to understand why there are so many contradictory different techniques. Life is a rhythm between opposites, male and female, positive and negative, day and night, birth and death. Between these opposites moves the river of life. the opposites are the banks – they appear to be contradictory, but they are co-operative. The appearance is false, life cannot exist without this  rhythm between the opposites. And life contains All.  Tantra is neither for this nor for that, tantra is for all. Tantra has no stand point of its own really all stand points that are possible are contained in it. It is big, it can contradict itself because it contain all. It is not partial it the whole. Hence it is holy. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
All partial stand points are bound to be profane, they cannot be holy if they don’t contain the opposite they may be logical and rationale but they cannot be alive. Where ever life exists it exists through its opposite. It cannot exist alone the opposite is a must.
In greek mythology two gods are at polar opposites, Apollo and Dionysius. Apollo s the God of order, discipline, virtue, morality culture and Dionysius is the gold of disorder, chaos, freedom and nature. Both are polar opposites almost all religions are more or less based on the Appolinian stand point they believe in reason, they believe in order, they believe in virtue, they believe in discipline control, Really they believe in the Ego.
But tantra is basically different it contains both it contains the Dionysian stand point also. It believes in nature, it believes in chaos, it believes in laughing, and dancing and signing, it is not just serious it is both. It is both serious and non serious. Nietzsche writes in one of his letters, ” I can believe only in a dancing God” He could not find any dancing God, had he known something about Shiva then the story of his life would have been totally different. Shiva is the dancing God. Nietzsche knew only about the christian god that is the only stand point – very serious. Some time the seriousness of the christian God looks absurd, childish because the opposite is denied completely. You cannot conceive of a christian god dancing. Impossible! dancing looks too ugly. You cannot conceive of a christian god laughing-or can you ? it is impossible. The christian god cannot laugh. Laughter will look too worldly. The christian god is the very spirit of seriousness and Nietzsche could not believe in it.
And I think that no one can believe in such a god because it is half it is not the whole. Only persons like Billy Graham can believe in it. Somewhere Billy Graham says very seriously that when you are reading sexy magazines you must remember that God is looking at you, this looks foolish you are reading a sexy magazines and that God is seeing you reading the sexy magazines!
This very attitude is stupid it is stupid because it doesn’t contain the opposite. You will become stupid and dead if the opposite is denied. But if you can move to the opposite easily with no contradiction if you can be serious and you can be laughing, if you can sit like a Buddha and you dance like a Krishna – and there is no inherent opposition between these two you can move from being a Buddha towards being a Krishna easily and smoothly – if you can do this you will be alive and if you can do this you will be tantric because tantra is the basic search for the rhythm which exists between the opposites, for the river which flows between the opposites.
So tantra goes on working on all and every technique possible. Tantra is not for someone it is for all. Every type of mind can move through tantra. Every type of mind cannot be christian every type of mind cannot be hindu every type of mind cannot be buddhist. A particular type of mind will attracted by Buddha a particular type by Jesus, a particular type by Mohammad. Shiva contains all. Shiva can have an appeal for every type possible. The total, the whole has been included it is not a partial stand point that is why tantra has no sect. You cannot create the sect around the whole, You can create a sect only around a fragment,  you can live the whole but you cannot create a sect. A sect can be created only when you are for something  and against something else if  both the opposites are contained how can you create a sectarian mind? Tantra is the essential religion it is not a sect hence so many techniques.