The relaxation method supplements the three core practices of Heartfulness. Compared to those practices, the method is a recent addition. Furthermore, the relaxation method is not strictly a spiritual practice, as its main purpose is to relax the body, However physical relaxation also provides us with mental and emotional calmness, which facilitates deeper mediation. for this reason we often use the relaxation method just prior to mediation. The method can also be used on the own as a simple stress relief tool, according to our preference.
Since our lifestyle has become complex over the period we have to consciously relax ourselves while earlier relaxation was natural. See what a state we have come to. Now we have to make efforts to achieve effortlessness! Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Effortlessness is essential to meditation. But instead, we tend to apply both physical and mental efforts. As we sit in mediation, we constantly adjust ourselves. We adjust our bodies, we adjust our thoughts , and we adjust our awareness. We make repeated attempts to rest our unsettled consciousness. In all this movement, can we possibly derive rest?
‘It only makes us further unsettled,’ We become stressed. I can tell you to effortless, I can tell you to be open to be undemanding to be non insistent. You agree. You say, “I will expend any efforts in meditation. I will not seek anything; I will not demand anything” But what happens when you actually meditate.
There was once a little boy who lived in the foothills of the Himalayas, he said,” One morning he woke up and sa wa yogi flying in the sky. The little boy was impressed, and more he thought about this flying yogi the more he wanted to be able to fly like him. He decided to track him down. He packed a small bag and left early in the morning. After asking around and taking a few wrong turns some villagers directed him to the hut of this man. “I want to fly like you”. said the boy.
Yogi said “Okay why not? I will teach you, but for this you will have to stay with me for many years as my servant, On the first full moon of fifteenth year I will teach you the method.”
So the boy stayed with him. He carried water from the well, gathered firewood and cooked all the Yogis meals, but none of this hard work bothered him at all. He was excited that he would soon be able to fly.
Eventually that day came. Filled with joy the teenager bounded into his guru’s room. ” Tonight is the full moon night, my boss. Please tell me how to fly. ” Sure I will help you”, said the yogi. “Tonight meditate at midnight, but whatever may happen don’t think of monkeys. The may jump in your mind they may dance, they may try to attack you,but don’t think of them. Then the teaching will come to you.”
So the boy said “Oh, it is very simple, I can do this – no monkeys”
At the midnight he sat on top of the roof and closed his eyes. First thing, a monkey came into his mind! I am not supposed to think of monkeys he thought . He tried not to think of them but the monkey kept coming. All night long, he fought with monkeys. In the morning, he went back to the yogi and said ” this method is rubbish. You should not told me anything about monkey!”
You see the boy lost his dream of lying because he was so focussed on not think about monkeys. By trying not to think about them monkeys came instead of the teaching. trying not to something is counterproductive. And even if you somehow are able to consciously drop your efforts, you still make subliminal efforts. You make unconscious efforts. To enforce a state of effortlessness upon yourself requires the biggest possible effort you can make. It is counterproductive.